My Journey begins... @ SST

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Expanding our learning networks

I think that we should not only learn from books but from others too. This means that we should use our computers to ask other people about things we do not know about.  This way, we can learn new things and enhance our learning experience at SST.

Team Building Challenge Reflection

What I understand about "forging excellence" is that we should always strive for our best in whatever we do and not give up. When my friends have problems fulfilling their roles, I can assist them or when they forget to do their roles, I can remind them. I should be able to work with those I am not comfortable with and give ideas and play my role.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Digital Collage

These are the lnks for the following:

How I felt when I created this blog

Creating this blog was a new experience for me as it was the first time i had done so. Blogging was fairly simple and i understood what needed to be done after watching the tutorial only once. I also think that blogging can be used for our learning experience as it can help us in many ways. For instance, when doing projects, we can use a blog to share ideas or give constructive feedback on what needs to be done to improve it. We can also use our blogs to ask our friends for help on various matters like our school work.

My feelings when I got into SST

This was how I felt when I found out that I had got into SST as my letter had said "waiting list" and so did many of my friends who had gotten better grades than me. As a result, I was not very confident about getting into SST. Later that year, when my PSLE results were released, i was honestly shocked that I had got in but after the shock wore off, I was overjoyed.